2nd PBS Patent Approved

30 10 2016

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved our second patent application for polymodal biological sensor (PBS) pest detection technology on October 14, 2016. Patent number 9,510,582 will issue to the inventors on December 6, 2016.

The Polymodal Detection Notification and First Response Treatment System is, of course, based on our first patent (7,395,161) – Polymodal Biological Detection System.

Targeted pest detection and automated reporting by a PBS system can now immediately dispense pest treatments. Early warning has been touted as a great advantage in pest control since the invention of PBS technology. Now being able to begin immediate pest treatment takes the PBS advantage one step further.

Thank you for your interest in our technology. We will keep you posted.


1st PBS Pest Detection Device in Testing

30 11 2014

The first pest detection product to use polymodal biological sensor (PBS) technology is being field tested. A second automated pest detection device is in the final stages of prototyping and a third devices is in design.

PBS ‘Early Warning’ System Explained

22 08 2012

Global PBS published an article with basic details about Polymodal Biological Sensor technology and how it is used as an automated ‘Early Warning’ system for specific pests. A copy of the Microsoft Word document is available for download – Click Here.

International Patent Application – PCT/US12/39056

18 06 2012

Global PBS received acknowledgement of receipt for our international patent application on May 23, 2012. This application is the work product of US Provisional application 61603439 filed on March 12, 2012. Research on this application titled Polymodal Detection Notification and First Response Pest Treatment System will be conducted by the European Patent Office.

This application offers improvements which take advantage of the polymodal biological sensor (PBS) technology of our US Patent (7,395,161). Our patent portfolio will continue to expand as industry leaders partner with us to develop new ideas and applications for PBS technology.

New Provisional Patent Application

20 03 2012

Global PBS submitted a new patent application on March 12, 2012 to improve upon it’s previously patented polymodal detection technology. Our patent portfolio will continue to expand as other applications under consideration are completed. We plan to promote ‘early warning’ methods to many industry sectors worldwide. Cross-sector collaboration is a goal of Global PBS and recognized as a mutually beneficial need by global industry leaders.

Florida Vector-Borne Disease Alliance

17 02 2012

The second annual meeting of the Florida Vector-Borne Disease Alliance is scheduled for March 2, 2012 at the University of South Tampa. Global PBS, Inc. is a noted collaborator with the Alliance.

Vector-borne infectious diseases (VBIDs) are becoming a rising problem for healthcare in Florida and other tropical areas around the world.  Cases of locally acquired dengue fever have been reported in 33 residents in Monroe County and the Florida Keys, with the risk of expansion to Miami-Dade County.  There are also reports of clusters of humans and horses inflicted with Eastern Equine Encephalitis in central Florida, over 100 cases of malaria per year around the state, and even an increasing prevalence of Lyme disease, Chagas disease, and leishmaniasis around the southern region of the country.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies also have the major incentive in being the first group to produce effective, long-lasting  drug treatments for diseases such as dengue fever, which would have a major influence on the international community.  With the help of a consortium of people from numerous areas of study, research, prevention, and drug discovery in the field of VBIDs can prosper and expand throughout the state and potentially the world

Accenture Founding Partner joins the Global PBS Team

3 02 2012

Michael Mikurak is seated on the Global PBS Advisory Board to consult on International Business Strategy.

Mr. Mikurak was an international consulting partner at Accenture, Plc. where he focused on consulting with Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Mikurak retired from Accenture, Ltd. in 2003 with Founder Partner status. He has over 30 years of experience in the areas of business strategy and supply chain management.