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Global PBS, Inc.  offers patented, global technology for ‘early detection’ of specific harmful pest. Examples; spittlebugs in Guatemala sugarcane, mountain pine beetles in Canadian timber, bed bugs in hotel rooms, or nearly any zoonosis vector.

Combining ‘early warning’ with best method practices (BMP) offers huge economic benefits in commerce as well as compassionate relief across many healthcare sectors.

What Global PBS does…

  • Harmful pest detection. When a strategic partner identifies a pest of interest we design a sensor to detect the specific pest causing economic impact or health issues
  • The PBS system monitors deployed sensors and automatically notifies a customers’ local pest control company when the target pest arrives
  • The strategic partner who funds development of each specific target sensor receives the lions’ share of profit for service contracts associated with that sensor
  • Simply put; Global PBS is an “early warning system”

Two important goals

Global PBS strives to: 1) to eliminate random application of pesticides and; 2) reduce human exposure to deadly diseases carried by harmful pests (zoonosis).

We believe preventive methods of pesticide application can be eliminated in areas using our sensor technology. Further, it is our sincere hope to be instrumental in relieving human suffering in areas of the world where limited resources cannot provide a desired level of protection against a zoonosis.

We also realize that eliminating ‘random application of pesticides’ puts Global PBS squarely in the green technology movement.

One response

25 02 2010
Dr Ramchandra Pusulury

Its a wonderful idea to have early warning system for zoonotic agents. The concept of One health and one medicine is in the same direction. Lets expect good results in preventive medicine,
Dr Ramchandra V Pusulury

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