‘Early warning’ of zoonosis

25 02 2010

Its a wonderful idea to have early warning system for zoonotic agents. The concept of One health and one medicine is in the same direction. Lets expect good results in preventive medicine,

Dr Ramchandra V Pusulury


Dr. Prema Arasu – Zoonoses Research

24 02 2010

Prema Arasu, PhD, DVM, AVP and Professor at NCSU in Raleigh, NC (US) completed a trip to India in late January 2010 researching zoonoses. As we have interest in early detection of zoonoses we will follow her work and possibly collaborate at some point on deployment of sensors to detect a specific zoonosis.

Synopsis and Executive Summary

15 01 2010

Our VP of Business Development has a synopsis and executive summary available for public dissemination. If you, or anyone you know, is interested please get in touch by the most convenient means.

Entomological Society of America – Annual meeting

15 12 2009

Our pest detection system will be featured December 15, 2009 in a presentation by Dr. Richard Mankin, research entomologist, to the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Indianapolis. The laboratory test platform being used by our scientific collaborators will determine the best detection methods to be included in any new ‘polymodal’ sensor types deployed for a specific pest target. Our system was designed with this flexibility to exhibit a ‘best method’ practice of detection in each case for nearly any harmful pest worldwide.

Good meeting with new urban entomologist

12 09 2009

Our meeting last week with another urban entomologist was enlightening. We were offered several new ideas on potential initial market penetrations for our ‘early warning’ pest detection technology. We will continue to work with our established colleagues, including an urban entomologist and an agricultural research entomologist, as we begin to involve our new acquaintance with our project technology.